"Sound of Awakening" is a co-creative blend of modern-day contemporary music & the sacred art of healing through vibration. This trio of world-talented artists, known as Shane Thunder, Kadija'Maa (Kady Taylor), and Philipp Schardt (TempleMind), weave a masterpiece of intuitive soundscapes that blur the dimensions between modern musical scores, live performance acts, and deep meditative tones.

With over 15 years of collective music industry expertise, these three artists have a diverse set of gifts that they offer to the world in their performance. Philipp Schardt is a multi-platinum award-winning music producer & multi-instrumentalist from Germany, Kadija'Maa is a renowned angelic vocalist & healer from Berlin, & Shane Thunder has been one of the most sought out sound healers worldwide for the past 6 years, with appearances on Viceland's "Most Expensivist" series, & the upcoming TV series "This is LA..." in its third season.

Having released several EPs and their iconic "Oceanic" album in 2018, these musicians share a theatrical experience meant for every type of audience! They have shared for the past three years with thousands of people at festivals and events around the globe at locations in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and the US.

Come find out why these 3 artists are some of the most sought out sound healers on the planet!


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