Our Story

It was a meeting of cosmic proportions when the 3 of these amazingly talented artists come together under the same roof to share in a sound journey that would weave the tale of what would be the future of their co-creation with one another. 4 years later, and with thousands of attendees, and countless shows, festivals, and performances, they have come to expand and unite their gifts to bring you some of the most amazing journeys into the deepest parts of yourself!

Intuitive Sound Alchemy

Sound of Awakening has a unique approach to creating the blissful world-class experience of their sound journeys. By harnessing the ancient power of musical vibrations & infusing it with futuristic 432hz frequencies expressed through angelic vocals, gemstone crystal bowls, planetary & elemental gongs, synthesizers, and a multitude of acoustic instruments, a journey you will not soon forget awaits you.

Intuitively guided, never the same experience twice, you will soon find out why these 3 are some of the world's best sound healers in the community!

The Artists

Sound of Awakening consists of 3 highly accomplished and talented musicians, healers, and spiritually conscious beings on a mission to help empower every person on their path, and bring the beauty of Spirit to the consciousness of all beings.


Shane Thunder

Master Sound Alchemist

Wellness Event Producer

Shane's been a leading active member of the wellness, spiritual, and festival communities since 2012. He has traveled all over the globe sharing in his journey of sound and vibration for the sake of healing and empowering all those that he meets. His trademark sound experiences are one-of-a-kind and is known to be one of the best sound healers in the world with his unique style of gong and crystal bowl mastery.


Kadija'maa (Kady Taylor)

Angelic Vocalist

Healer & Kum Nye Yoga Instructor

Kady heralds from the great city of Berlin, sharing in her astounding healing of sacred vocals and channeled vibrations to bring you a blissful state of joy, harmony, empowerment, and relaxation. Reminding you to always remember who you are, her intentions of sharing every fiber of her being excels in every action and breath that she takes. She is an absolutely stunning marvel to witness when she takes the stage, and she welcomes you to float with grace with every passing breath in this life.



Templemind (pHILIPP sCHARDT)

Multi-Platinum Award Winning Producer & Instrumentalist

Mysterium School Facilitator & Instructor

Always taking your breath away when the talent of his artistry flows from his finger tips. Philipp, who was born in Germany, has graced thousands of people with his enchanting and seductive musical vibrations. He has won several platinum awards for the variety of musical genres and songs he has created over his 15 years of being a music producer. And now with the ancient knowledge of the Kabbalah and a facilitator of the Mysterium School, he challenges you to become your greatest self by mastering all that you are!

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